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RythmoTrade is hands down the most beginner-friendly platform for automated trading of cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs. The graphic interface is extremely easy to use and, more importantly, very intuitive and clear. Some advanced users might feel there’s a lack in terms of order complexity, but the vast majority of users should be able to tweak their bots exactly to their liking. When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, things get even more tricky and risky. What are the best trading strategies you could use to take advantage of the opportunities the market offers every day? Is there any technical indicator that could prove to be particularly useful?

  • After his training as an accountant, he studied diplomacy and economics and held various positions in one of the management consultancies and in couple of digital marketing agencies.
  • When you create a rule, you can choose the option “Demo Exchange” in the first dropdown.
  • The buy order only ends up being placed on assets when it seems they are leaving the “oversold” status on the RSI.

All content on CaptainAltcoin is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. The If-This-Then-That rule logic that backs the platform is a genuinely unique approach that makes the whole experience seamlessly intuitive. All you need to do is to connect your exchange to RythmoTrade via an API connection. There are detailed guides that will guide you through the process with no hurdles.


With RythmoTrade you can easily develop your own trading rules and strategies and set them up to run automatically. Remember that a trading bot is a smart tool that helps you implement your perfect trading system. It requires a careful set up so that it will trade the desired amount you expect, and it keeps running smoothly with no allocation issues for your automated trading strategy. You can also adjust the allocation of your automated trading strategy with a few clicks using a Direct order.

Trade With Algorithms with RythmoTrade today to manage your coins BTC every moments. In this case, the bot sells 20% of the balance of the selected coin when the condition is met. Let’s start by underlining that you can use some coins to trade directly other assets.

RythmoTrade comes with a decent lineup of automated trading solutions. The platform has up to 34 automated bots to choose from, including Bollinger Bands, Golden Cross Trading, RSI Scalping, Multi Moving Average, Range Trading, and Oversold Reversal, amongst others. There are pre-built trading rules that can be selected from the template library which includes 22 pages of different strategies to choose from. There is a good selection that can be tested on a free plan, others need to be unlocked with a paid subscription. RythmoTrade is a great way for retail investors to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market by using powerful algorithms and trading bots to generate potential profits using over 250 automated rules.

The only exception is transactions that originate from Optimism and Arbitrum, and the fee for these transfers is 0.2%. Celer Network has been working on the scalability of the Ethereum network since 2019, and its core team is likely among the most experienced when it comes to interoperability. AnySwap charges a fee of 0.4% for each swap transaction, 0.1% goes to the project, and 0.3% goes to the liquidity providers. Basically, you want to buy on reversing weakness in the longer term but only when you get sufficient signs of strength on the lower term. To achieve this, you can look at the moving averages on the shorter timeframe and to the RSI on the longer timeframe.

One of the most critical aspects of building a successful trading strategy is to optimize the timeframe of your trading strategy to fit the market conditions. The logic of a strategy could be correct, and it could produce good results, but optimizing the setup allows you to achieve much better performances. This review covers one of the most popular automated trading bots, RythmoTrade.

RythmoTrade’s engine will always take the highest reached trailing order price from which to calculate the trailing decrease. This move will have increased your Trailing Stop limit to $46,200 – maintaining a distance of $250 from your new position. Your stop distance will continue to move up every time BTC moves up. In the case of Moving Averages and the RSI, the timeframe is used to define how to aggregate data for calculation. For example a MA(9) in a timeframe of one day stands for the average of 9 daily prices. For the above condition to trigger, the price increase by 5% ‘WITHIN 15 minutes’ would have to happen within one 15 minute candle.

Users can also practice their crypto trading skills with a demo trading account that offers 10 BTC and 50,000 USDT and explore and experience the range of strategies that can be customized. The major benefit is the ability to perfect a custom trading rule to monitor its performance over time without losing any money. RythmoTrade stands as a dynamic automated trading platform, tailored to empower traders with a range of strategies for different levels of automation and involvement.

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